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You can mirror Android and iOS screens to any PC with cast code, or USB cable.

AirDroid CastOverview

What can you do with AirDroid Cast?

Remote Meeting
When you are on a business trip or working from home, AirDroid Cast can help bridge the communication gap in a remote meeting. By scanning the QR code or entering the Cast Code, the meeting attendees can easily share their screens with the meeting host. Each attendee can directly draw and show his/her idea, using the two-way audio feature to make the communication more effective.

Online Presentation
You can nail in-house meetings, training, or product demonstration with AirDroid Cast. It enables you to share your screen to the computer whether the devices are under the same local area network. AirDroid Cast also supports AirPlay, allowing you to share iOS device screens to Windows or Mac computers.

Online Teaching
As an instructor, you can turn your Android or iOS device into a handy whiteboard by using AirDroid Cast. You can type down key points or draw the formula right onto your device. In addition, you can get your students' feedback right away using the two-way audio feature.

Share your screen on PC by connecting with cable or WiFi. In this way, your fans can enjoy watching the live game streams. And, AirDroid Cast supports up to 5 devices casting at the same time, your friends can join you and show their skills with you.

Control Android and iOS Device on Computer
No matter you are in the office or at home, You can use AirDroid Cast to view and control your surroundings mobile device on a computer.
Multi-screens on One Computer
AirDroid Cast supports to cast a maximum of 5 devices onto a computer simultaneously.
Works with Remote Network
All features of AirDroid Cast are available under the local area network. As a Premium user, network type will not be limited; AirDroid Cast works even under the remote network.
Two-way Audio
During a remote meeting,the attendees can directly talk and discuss using two-way audio. Greatly enhance the communication efficiency.


1. New multi-devices logged in feature, yearly subscription account can log in at most on 3 computers at the same time.
2. Remotely control iOS devices, now compatible with iOS 15, iPhone 13 and iPad 9 series.
3. Support AirDroid Add-on Keyboard, you can directly type on the PC while controling.

AirDroid CastInformation

File Size
58.62 MB
Operating Systems
Mac OS X
System Requirements
OS X10.7 or later
AirDroid Cast Icon
You can mirror Android and iOS screens to any PC with cast code, or USB cable.
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